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Philip Sharman
An experienced technical writer
specializing in complex documentation.

About Me

I am an experienced technical writer specializing in complex documentation.

I have enjoyed:

I strongly believe that you can't document anything, whether it is a corkscrew or an API, without actually using it. So my ideal position is one where I use an API just as a customer would, to find out the things that will help a user be effective.


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Developer Guides API Reference Guides Code Samples
High level overviews and orientations to SDKs and APIs, answering the questions: What can I do? Where do I start? How do the pieces fit together? Detailed information about APIs, showing how to call the methods, how to interpret the result, and how to handle errors. Samples that illustrate the API, ranging from small snippets showing how to call low level methods to large, comprehensive samples illustrating a complete workflow.


profile photo I was fortunate enough to receive two very strong recommendations to consider Philip when I was looking to hire a Technical Writer for Autodesk Cloud Platform. Philip didn't disappoint. He was instrumental in leading the effort in creating a process and standardization for our Product and Service SDK and API documentation. He applied his many years of experience and technical expertise to work directly with our Engineers and Principal UX Designer, to understand the tech and begin to organize, synthesize and develop what would inevitably become the standard for our Platform documentation. Philip is a true team player with a willingness to find ways to connect and work effectively with a geographically dispersed team, located in 3 different timezones. He is an exceptional Technical Writer, a great collaborator, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would certainly consider him my first choice in hiring another Technical Writer.
    – Sheila Wakida, Director of Product Development at SoFi  
profile photo Philip is a great writer and a wonderful tools developer. He is always looking for ways to make his cowriters’ jobs easier and to make the docs better for the user. His intelligence and broad knowledge of available tools means that he can quickly come up with very elegant and high-quality solutions. Other departments, faced with the same issues, are always awed by how much better our solutions are; this is entirely due to Philip’s skill and his commitment to his coworkers and his customers. At the same time that he is creating great solutions for his coworkers, he is doing such a great job at writing docs for his users that he quickly rose to lead writer on our division’s premier product. Philip is an asset not only for his own writing, which has been universally praised, but for his elegant solutions to technical issues, which lets other writers focus on their work. His skills make all our docs better.
    – Melanie Allen, Technical Publications Manager at Ciena  
profile photo Philip was the best of a best-in-class group of API writers I managed. His programming guides and references were well received by his developer audience because of the abundance of elegant and technically savvy sample code he created. Philip is a self-starter, solves his own problems—often in an innovative way—and consistently achieves on-time results. If you need an experienced expert in software documentation, look no further than Philip.
    – Bill Jordan, Senior Content Architect at DITAPURE  
Michael Ross photo A true professional, Philip manages to combine those sought-after qualifications of superlative technical knowledge, level-headed composure under tight deadlines, and an enthusiasm for the job. I worked closely with Philip as his peer, and later manager, for over four years and I feel that he was always the 'go-to' guy when something needed to get done ... and done right. Whether it was coding that effective, time-saving script for use across the entire Pubs organization or using cutting edge tools to deliver award-winning developer documentation, Philip always led successful projects and ensured assignments were completed on time. Yet, he always seemed to be able to offer more. He also supported cross-divisional writing teams with 'best practices' tools demonstrations, wrote clear usage instructions, and still delivered on his core documentation components ... always in ways that led to words like "far surpassed" on his annual reviews. He even took over as interim manager when I was on leave for three months. I would not hesitate to recommend Philip as a senior technical writer, developer publications specialist, or manager, in any situation.
    – Michael Ross, Senior Information Developer at NAV CANADA  


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